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Recent Customer Reviews

Arthur, Jersey City

“New toilets, showers, tiling and other repairs and plumbing. They did it while I was away for a week.  We came home and all was wonderful -well done and clean!!!”

Mary, Jersey City

“I had crumbling tile in my shower and a hole in the wall.  Joe Shoback showed up on time and gave me a good estimate.  It was a little pricey, but his waterproofing system seemed worth it, and a prior contractor had done less than a satisfactory job only a few years earlier, so we agreed to do business.  Joe and his crew had to postpone our start date by one day, but once we got going they were extremely professional, efficient, courteous and responsive.  They finished the job one day sooner than expected.  The tile job was impeccable and I am very happy with the end result.  I will definitely call Joe to bid on my next project.”

Danielle, Weehawken

“Joe Shoback and his team were fantastic to work with and the quality of execution was spot-on. 

We discovered that our master shower was leaking and Joe’s team was able to come in, assess the problem, provide an accurate estimate, complete the work exactly as promised including a shower door upgrade, and even deal with a few curve balls I threw at them with other last-minute additional hardware upgrades (which I decided to do after I saw the quality of work they performed on the first phase of the project.)  They were a “measure twice, cut once” kind of crew and we had no surprise costs which I appreciated for peace of mind that the work was being carefully considered and completed, not just slapped together.

We have worked with other contractors in the past …but Hudson Home Improvement stood head and shoulders above the rest of the contractors we’ve used in the past.  

We will absolutely be calling Hudson Home Improvement again in the future if needed and give them a solid endorsement.”

Ben, Hoboken

“I had a complete gut and renovation performed by Joe and his team. They were a pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job keeping me updated at all times. The quality of work was excellent and the end product was very nice.”

Michaela, Jersey City

First and foremost, Joe and his team are great at communicating and setting expectations. There was not one moment during the project when I felt that I didn’t know what to expect or wonder what was happening. This is so critical when working with any contractor and Hudson Home Improvement really excels in this area.

The bathroom re-do was our first large-scale renovation project, and Joe spent a great deal of time with my husband and me creating a project plan that included making sure we understood the permitting process, when to buy materials (and what we would be responsible for buying and what was included), down to the details of how the construction trash would be handled and removed. One of the most important aspects of this project for us was not allowing the renovation to take over the entire apartment (the bathroom is centrally located within the space and it’s the only bathroom), which the team achieved with very little stress for us.
Most importantly, though, my husband and I absolutely loved the finished renovation. The entire project took six weeks from start to finish. From the end of the project to the time we sold our apartment (a year later), we would walk in the bathroom and joke that it was by far the nicest room in the house. 

I cannot recommend Joe and his team at Hudson Home Improvement strongly enough. If you want to work with a team who cares that you end up with the result you want and makes sure that you never feel unsure about what’s going on in the project, then I highly recommend that you call them.”

Matthew, Jersey City

“I hired an acoustical engineer (not affiliated with HHI) to tell me what changes to make to create an acoustically neutral (acoustically “flat”) environment in one of my basement rooms.  The HHI guys carried out those recommendations.  First they made structural changes to the room itself.  There was a drop ceiling already in place, but the height was staggered, 9 feet high in one part of the room and 12 feet high in another.  This was not ideal for acoustical purposes, so they made the drop ceiling 9 feet high throughout, lowering the part that was 12 feet.  They then put a layer of pink insulation above the drop ceiling (sitting on the tiles) to absorb sound/bass in the space in the ceiling.  They blew cellulose insulation into the walls (inside the sheetrock) in the room (to prevent vibrations from bass).  They then built (to sound engineer’s spec) and installed 25 sound absorbers around the room’s walls.  They also built (to spec) and installed a cloud absorber above the studio desk (to absorb sound reflections off the desk).   They also installed LED lighting into the cloud absorber.   Two different sound engineers evaluated my room after HHI were finished, both concluded the room was acoustically “flat” (thus HHI had done an excellent job).”

James, Hoboken

Hudson Home Improvement renovated our outdated, small kitchen, and transformed it into a showpiece.

We have no complaints about Hudson Home Improvement. The team was professional, open to our feedback and input, and completed the job in a timely fashion. They took on the job enthusiastically and professionally, utilizing plans we already had in place. Our job had its fair share of challenges – tricky plumbing, a new footprint, extensive electrical work – but they took it all in stride. I’d fully recommend the team for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.

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