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Designing an Ergonomic Kitchen

When customers contemplate redesigning their kitchen, Hudson Home Improvement wants them to consider not only the aesthetics, but the ergonomics of the new layout. After all, clients need a kitchen where everything is comfortably within reach and traffic–children, pets, guests–is kept outside the work zone.

The most efficient kitchen designs incorporate the Kitchen Work Triangle. The triangle places the most common work areas–refrigerator, stove and sink–at a convenient distance from each other with countertops inbetween.

At Hudson Home Improvement, we like to go a step further  by encouraging customers to adjust counter heights to suit their needs and by adding much-needed outlets, tucked beneath cabinets and counter tops. We also recommend drawers rather than shelves to make those hard to reach areas more accessible. This small changes can have a big impact on the comfort and ease of using a kitchen.

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