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Adding a Skylight to your Townhome

One of the perks of owning a townhome or brownstone in Jersey City, Hoboken and other urban cities is the space afforded by having multiple floors. The downside is that such homes are often squeezed in between other houses and don’t have a lot of natural light. […]

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Renovating While on Vacation: Pros & Cons

At Hudson Home Improvement, we specialize in renovations in Jersey¬†City, Hoboken and the surrounding areas. Renovating in urban areas means that we are experts in managing big changes in often tight quarters. While we can often work around client’s schedules and needs during large renovations, sometimes we […]

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Managing your Brownstone Makeover

A renovation of any size can be stressful, but when it comes to renovating a multi-story brownstone in a large city, stress levels can hit a new high. After all, managing an extensive renovation in close quarters while dealing with historical associations can bring out the worst […]

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